How To Clean Security Screen Doors & Windows?

Security doors and screens are solid and durable but on your home, they need to be held like everything else. 

One of the most common questions we get is how to clean security doors and screens.

But cleaning security doors in stainless steel or perforated aluminium doors is still one of those things we tend to put off. 

Cleaning and keeping your door like anything else will prolong its life span, keep it to its optimum performance and protect your warranty. 

Because they tend to pick up dust because of being a mesh door or window cover, this can also greatly reduce the air flow.

If you regularly clean your doors and screens it makes things much easier.

  1. Dip into a bucket of mild detergent (we use car wash & wax as this will also provide long-term protection) mixed with water using a microfiber cloth or a cleaning glove, ring out so just wipe side by side, up and down.
  2. Then use another cloth or cleaning clove in clean water so just damp and wipe.
  3. Then dry with a dry cloth. PERFECT!

Follow these steps if it hasn’t been washed for a while and is very dirty.

  1. First, carefully remove any loose dust, dirt and grit which may harm the surface while brushing with a soft brush (we use one from a dustpan set).
  2. Fill the bucket with a mild detergent (we use car wash & wax, as this will also provide long-term protection) in warm water using a bucket and micro-fibre cloth.
  3. Gently wipe the door using the cloth by going side by side, up and down on both sides. Rinse your tissue regularly so you don’t rub dirt in the door
  4. Wipe the door with a clean cloth soaked in clean water or if particularly dirty rinse the door with clean water.
  5. Repeat 3 and 4 until smooth.
  6. Using a clean micro-fibre fabric, once you are comfortable dry as much as possible.


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