Visibility & Style.
With ScreenGuard Stainless Steel Mesh System SEE OUR PRODUCTS
With ScreenGuard Stainless Steel Mesh System SEE OUR PRODUCTS
With ScreenGuard Stainless Steel Mesh System SEE OUR PRODUCTS

#1 Security Mesh Doors & Windows

The ScreenGuard™ 316 Stainless Steel Security Mesh System for windows and doors is designed to protect your family and your view.

No longer do you need to look at unsightly grills, bars or other obstructions that spoil your view.

Enjoy the finest in security screens with ScreenGuard™ 316 stainless steel mesh protection.

ScreenGuard™ aluminium frames are T6 extruded aluminium with 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, that provides both strength, protection and quality. The aluminium is a high quality finish using state-of-the-art equipment.

The 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh is coated with a specialised UV polymer coating that will last for years. ScreenGuard’s patented security system, meets and exceeds Australian Standard AS 5039-2003.

The ScreenGuard™ range consists of:
security doors & windows
ScreenGuard Stainless
Steel Security Mesh System
Fabricating a ScreenGuard Security Door
in less than 16 minutes!

Security Screen Doors

Made from high quality extruded aluminium and available in a wide range of frame colours to match your home, all Screenguard’s security doors are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, to give your home the ultimate in protection.

It’s not only the cheapest but the best. Whereas 80% of security door manufacturers use a 0.7 mm wire diameter, Screenguard Stainless Steel Mesh has a wire diameter of 0.8 mm.

This means the door looks more powerful and solid, with the mesh set in deeper into the aluminium frame, making forced entry much more difficult.

Our aluminium frame is made exclusively using patented technology with 6063 – T6 (Alloy Frame Temper). It looks better, has no frame recesses and it is flatter.

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Corrosion Resistant
Australian Designed & Engineered
Dynamic Impact Tested
Easy to Fabricate and Install
Large Panels with Taught Mesh
Made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh
Bushfire Rated Version Available tested to BAL 40
Tested to Australian Standards AS 5039-2003


Access Fire Escape Systems are part of the ScreenGuard™ range and is designed for a quick and easy escape in the event of a house fire or any other emergency.
It contains a simple quick release latching system that every family member can access. It also includes a unique easy access stainless steel friction hinge, that stays open while you escape. No need for extra locks.

Bushfire Testing

ScreenGuard™ Screens have undergone stringent bushfire testing to ensure quality performance in the event of a bushfire.
BAL 40 Rating
Floating Ember Safe
40.2kW / m2 Heat Flux Tested
10-10 Rule Achieved
ScreenGuard™ bushfire rated screens use specially developed fire retardant L seats and co-extruded wedges.
The stainless steel mesh used in ScreenGuard™ screens complies with bushfire ember resistance regulations.
When ordering screens for a bushfire prone area, please advise your fabricator to order these bushfire tested products.


We all love to entertain. Install a servery window to easily pass food from kitchen to your external entertaining area, all with the security of ScreenGuard™.


For those large door systems, ScreenGuard™ has the answer. Combine indoor and outdoor living whilst maintaining your security and lifestyle choices. Long-life performance is enhanced with quality Brio componentry.


As doors have become larger ScreenGuard™ has continued to evolve.Large stacker doors that slide back to maximise the open space and allow fresh air, clear vision and security. Large doors can still be fabricated with taut mesh for perfect appearance and performance.


To meet Australian Standard AS 5039-2003 a triple lock kit must be fitted. Darley has a range of locking options including locks from brands such as Brio, Whitco and Assa Abloy.


ScreenGuard’s patented security screen products have been tested and meet Australian Standard AS5039/5041. These tests are designed to simulate an attack using force to gain entry into a home and include:
All testing is carried out by a NATA registered independent testing laboratory according to strict Australian standards.


ScreenGuard™ product warranty is for 10 years from the date of product installation (conditions apply).
The warranty extends to the original purchaser providing that product care maintenance recommendations
along with warranty conditions have been complied with during the period.

ScreenGuard™ POWAWASH

Regular maintenance with ScreenGuard™ PowaWash is required to comply with your ScreenGuard™ 10 year warranty.Mix 3 caps (25ml) per Litre of water. It is recommended you use warm water and Powawash to clean your screen and then rinse with water.


Your ScreenGuard™ security screen system will require regular maintenance to remove contaminants caused by pollution, industry, salt and climatic conditions.
It is recommended to use warm water and Powawash or a suitable neutral pH detergant, then rinse with water. Abrasive cleaners and harsh detergents are not recommended as these can scratch or damage the surface area.
No longer do you need to look at unsightly grills, bars or other obstructions that spoil your view. Enjoy the finest in security screens with ScreenGuard™ and its woven 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh protection.