Safety Screen Vs. Security Screen: What's the difference?

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A lot of people care about home improvement products these days. Safety Screen or Security Screens are one of the most essential products for new homes in 2020.

However, not every homeowner might have the same expectation of the outcome. The two solutions are different as they are offering completely different features.

Take the time to compare the screen choices available while you are installing displays on your doors and windows. Gone are the days when to get protection on your doors and walls, you have to risk your vision and open feeling.

You might find that your home may benefit from a screen you had not yet considered until you add screens to your windows and doors. Explore the numerous screen solutions ScreenGuard provides.

Here are details to help you select between types of screen and make sure you get the level of protection you want for your home.

What is Safety Screen?

Safety screens are fine mesh screens that go over the windows and doors so that you can still admire the view and let the air in while keeping out pests and avoiding the dropping of pets and kids from windows. They provide a visual deterrent against intruders as well.

While safety screens provide the same advantages as safety screens, as it is built to prevent intruders in your house, they also increase the protection of your house as a result. Without any significant injury, protection screens will survive impacts from kicks or instruments like hammers and knives.

What is a Security Screen?

On the other side, safety screen doors and window grilles are sturdy enough to survive most forced entry attempts while maintaining the advantages of fly screens. You can also mount them, including hinged, bifold, and sliding, on all types of windows and doors.

Safety screen doors and window grilles can offer safety in other ways as an increasingly common home security choices, such as bushfire, collapse prevention. Emergency evacuation, and cyclone debris, and can increase the energy efficiency of a home or building.

From the stainless steel structure, the assembly process, to the base, hinges, and locking mechanism. All about the panel is built with protection in mind. The Australian Standards for Security Screens must have been passed by a real security screen.

Want to hear more options about home improvement and security products? Contact representatives at ScreenGuard today- Best Window & Door Security Systems in Australia.

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