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Access Fire Escape System

The ScreenGuard Access Fire System provides an easy and safe method for escaping a fire or other emergency situation. Access Fire System allows you to open the window only from the outside.

Includes a built-in lock function and is self-supported and stays open while you leave. It’s an easy setup and installation without requiring any additional locks.

Bush Fire Testing

ScreenGuard screens have been through rigorous bushfire testing to make sure they perform well when exposed to extreme heat.
Floating Ember Safe
Bushfire Rated tested to BAL 40
10-10 Rule Achieved
40.2kW / m2 Heat Flux Tested

ScreenGuard™ Bush Screen uses special L seats and co-extruded wedges to provide maximum protection from bush fire damage.

The stainless steel screen we use in our ScreenGuard™ glass screen complies with bushfire regulations for ember resistance.

If you’re buying a screen for an environment prone to bushfires, tell them to order the bush fire-resistant screen.

Fire system windows

Leading Fire Protection Services in Australia

ScreenGuard provides expert fire protection services throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area and suburbs.

With a comprehensive range of fire protection tools, we ensure your business remains safe from fire damage.

Our experienced staff ensures that all fire protection services adhere to Australian Standards, and we conduct regular maintenance checks to keep them up-to-date and functional.

Trust ScreenGuard for unmatched fire protection solutions to secure your business.

ScreenGuard Access Window Video

Download the ScreenGuard™ Fire Escape System Brochure

Image presents access fire system

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