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ScreenGuard Extreme Stainless Steel Mesh Security System

Secure your home and protect your family against intruder attacks and extreme weather with the ScreenGuard Extreme security system. Specially designed to provide protection against windborne debris and cyclone conditions, ScreenGuard Extreme has been tested to and exceeds Australian Standard AS5039-2023.

ScreenGuard Extreme security doors and window screens are made from high tensile 304 stainless steel mesh and high-quality aluminium frame using our unique two part wedge & seat technology. This unique combination of superior materials and unique technology results in a stronger security product that protects against extreme weather without comprising on style and functionality.

Protection against cyclonic conditions

Tested to Australian standard AS5039-2023, ScreenGuard Extreme can withstand an impact of debris traveling at 44m per second. Testing methods under this Australian standard requires screens in cyclonic regions to resist impact from debris at the lower level of 37/m per second cannon test. ScreenGuard Extreme passed at the higher level of 44m/sec simulated wind borne debris cannon test!

ScreenGuard Warranty

Benefits of the ScreenGuard Extreme system:

Tested to AS5039 and AS1170.2

Corrosion Resistant

Compatible with a range of hardware

Backed by a 10 year warranty

Cyclone Rated to 44m/sec


The ScreenGuard Extreme system was tested and exceeded Australian Standards AS5039-2023 at tests conducted at the Azuma testing facility in Wetherill Park NSW.

During the dynamic impact test, which is designed to simulate an intruder attack, ScreenGuard Extreme was able to withstand over 24 impacts at 100 joules & over without mesh fixings. ScreenGuard Extreme was also able to withstand a projectile force of 44m/sec during the cyclone rating test.