ScreenGuard™ Fire Attenuation Testing

Fire attenuation is the reduction of radiant energy and spreading of flame between buildings, in case of an emergency. The Building Code of Australia (BCA) stipulates that certain classes of buildings must be equipped with fire attenuation screens in order to safeguard properties from the spread of fire and radiant heat. More precisely the BCA mandates that any openings within three meters of a fire source or within six meters of another building on the same property must be equipped with fire attenuation screening.

We recently conducted a test on our ScreenGuard security system.  Warringtonfire tested for radiant heat fire protection in June 2021, following the requirements set forth by AS 1530.4: 2014. The temperature of the heat flux during testing, which was 1000mm from the test subject, exceeded 400 degrees!

For a duration of 3 hours and 10 minutes, our ScreenGuard security screens obtained a fire attenuation rating of up to 46% at 40kW/m2 incident energy. Security screens made by ScreenGuard are certified for fire attenuation and offer defense against the spread of fire between buildings by radiant heat and flames.

To learn more about the ScreenGuard fire protection rating or to request a copy of the document,
please contact our R & D department on (02) 8887 – 2888.

Note: Consult with a certified firefighter or engineer regarding the installation of the ScreenGuard safety device for protection against fires.

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