Choosing ScreenGuard for your Commercial Projects

While many people think of ScreenGuard when it comes to protecting their residential premises, ScreenGuard can also be installed in a variety of commercial projects. Commercial buildings such as factories, warehouses, schools, banks and retail stores sometimes need a greater level of protection because they store items for high value such heavy duty equipment of technical devices. There are many benefits to installing a ScreenGuard stainless steel mesh security system in a commercial property including:

Commercial Security Doors and Windows in Australia

Discover ScreenGuard’s commercial doors and windows that effortlessly combine durability and style. These doors are designed to withstand all weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting, appealing exterior without compromising on security.

From retail shops to warehouses and houses, trust our doors for your commercial projects in Australia to provide top-quality solutions for any project, regardless of its size.

Security Screen Solutions for Your Commercial Projects

ScreenGuard’s security screens are built with the proven strength of 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, accompanied by a full perimeter fastening system and individual mechanical fixings.

Choose our security screens for your commercial projects for seamlessly complement your commercial building design while ensuring the highest level of security.


Fire Resistance

All ScreenGuard products are BAL40 bush rated and Fire Attenuation rated which offers the ultimate protections against fire, especially in bushfire prone areas.



The primary reason for installing ScreenGuard into a commercial building is security and protection against intruder attacks, as well as a deterrent to potential intruders. This is particularly important for buildings where the occupants are not always around and there to hear potential break-ins.


Cost Effective

Compared to other types of door systems such as sliding doors or multi-fold doors, ScreenGuard products are a more cost-effective option in the long term due to its low maintenance and durability. ScreenGuard doors do not require maintenance as frequently as other types of doors and the 316 marine grade mesh used in ScreenGuard is corrosion resistant and provides protection against harsh weather.


Ventilation and Increased Air Flow

A large number of commercial buildings relying heavily on artificial cooling such as air conditioning which is not only bad for our climate but results in higher energy bills. ScreenGuard offers a solution to this problem – with the 316 marine grade stainless mesh used in all screenguard products maximising ventilation and air flow without compromising on visibility. Get a clear view from your front door, with screenguard offering unobstructed views while also providing protection against insects and pests.



The ScreenGuard range of security products are versatile and can be made into a range of systems including a screenguard hinged door, sliding door, french door, window screen, multi-fold door (ScreenFold) and even a Fire Escape system. Resulting in ScreenGuard systems that can be tailored to suit a variety of commercial applications.

To find out more about how a ScreenGuard system can be used in your next commercial project – Contact your local Darley branch.