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ScreenGuard product warranty is for 10 years from the date of product installation. This warranty is to the original purchaser providing always that the product care and maintenance recommendations have been complied with during that period. ScreenGuard warrants its product to be free from defects in materials and manufacturing when fabricated in accordance with the ScreenGuard fabricator instructions. This warranty does not apply to damaged caused by abuse, fire, accident, acts of God or alteration to the original product in any part.

All testing is carried out by a NATA registered independent testing laboratory according to strict Australian standards.

Darley guarantee 10 years

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ScreenGuard Stainless Steel
Security Mesh System
Fabricating a ScreenGuard Security
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Technical Tips

Care and Maintenance

Your ScreenGuard security screen system will require regular maintenance to remove contaminants caused by pollution, industry, salt and climatic conditions.

It is recommended to use a soft bristled brush or non-abrasive cloth with warm water and a neutral detergent, then rinse with water. Abrasive cleaners and harsh detergents are not recommended as these can scratch or damage the surface area. The following table indicates the suggested frequency of maintenance:

Mild15km from coastal/rural/suburban areasEvery 6 Months
Moderate10km from coastal/high traffic areasEvery 3 Months
Severe/Coastal5km from coastal/marine/heavy industrial areasEvery 2 Weeks

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