ScreenGuard French Doors

Another security door system increasing in popularity are security french doors in Australia.

A great accompaniment to your existing french doors, ScreenGuard french doors add a touch of elegance and style to your home.

Custom-made and fitted to suit your home, these security french doors are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh and T6 tempered aluminium frame providing security and protection against intruder attacks, impact, pests and insects.

It also offers unrestricted views of the outdoors and promotes ventilation and natural airflow.

As with all ScreenGuard security products, the aluminium frame can be powdercoated in a wide range of powdercoating finishes from our suppliers: Dulux and Interpon.

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External French Doors in Australia

External French Doors in Australia

ScreenGuard offers a stunning selection of durable and elegant external french doors in Australia.

Crafted with high-quality materials, these doors provide seamless indoor-outdoor flow and ample natural light, enhancing your home’s exterior.

Designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, our doors ensure long-lasting performance and reliable investment for your property.

These doors come with customizable options, including styles, finishes, and glazing choices, allowing you to match them perfectly to your home’s aesthetics and design.

Elevate your property’s allure and security with ScreenGuard’s doors, creating an inviting and secure entryway to your home.

Discover the perfect fit for your unique style and elevate your home’s curb appeal with ScreenGuard.

Internal French Doors in Australia

Discover ScreenGuard’s exquisite collection of internal french doors in Australia, combining elegance and functionality flawlessly.

Crafted with premium materials, these doors offer lasting durability for your property. Enjoy the seamless blend of open spaces and privacy with the double doors’ design.

With customizable options, including various finishes and glazing choices, you can create internal french doors that perfectly match your interior décor.

Elevate the beauty and functionality of your home with our doors.

Internal French Doors

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ScreenGuardTM Product Testing

ScreenGuard’s patented security screen products have been tested and meet Australian Standard AS5039/5041. These test are designed to simulate an attack using force to gain entry into a home.

image presents dynamic-impact-test-icon
Dynamic Impact Test

As defined by the Australian Standards Institute (ASI), AS5039 and AS5041 are security screen doors and security windows grilles respectively. ScreenGuard’s s patented two-piece wedge design is both simple and strong. It has been tested to resist all five types of impact for greater than the 100-joule requirement. Exceeding the 100-joule standard ensures ScreenGuard™ is suitable for its intended purpose.

image presents child-fall-prevention-icon
Child Fall Prevention

Protection for windows with handles. When installed correctly, ScreenGuard™  has been proven to be a reliable way to keep kids from falling out of high windows.

image presents busfire-icon
Bushfire Rated

Building construction in bushfire-prone locations is governed by Australian Standard AS3959-2009. Bushfire-rated Screenguard™ defends your home from flying embers and lessens radiant heat flux intensity.

image presents anti-jemmy-icon
Anti-Jemmy Test

ScreenGuard™ passed the jemmy attack test, which simulates an intrusive attack using tools like screwdrivers and a lot of force. To provide consumers with a variety of locking choices, testing has been repeated for a variety of significant hardware components provided by Darley Aluminium.

image presents fire-attenuation-icon
Fire Attenuation

Appendix B7 of Australian Standard AS1530.4-2014. Aid in preventing the transmission of heat and flames between structures in the case of a fire.

image presents knife-shear-icon
Knife Shear Test

Security screen doors and security window grilles are governed by Australian Standard AS5039-2008. The ability of Screenguard to withstand knife attacks by meeting Australian regulatory specifications that simulate an intruder attempting to gain entry with a utility knife is another significant aspect of the product’s success.

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