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The Project

Darley Systems Used: ScreenGuard Patio enclosure
Fabricator: Dalby Tile, Glass & Aluminium
Location: TBA Queensland

About The Product

Entertaining in your outdoor area, veranda or patio are all part of the outdoor Australian lifestyle. Home owners are eager to extend their living space and bring the outdoors in.
What better way to do this, then enclosure your patio or veranda and create an extra living space, while adding value to your home.

A ScreenView enclosure can be custom built on any deck or slab and is strong enough to withstand wind, rain and extreme weather conditions.

black filter screen windows
screen window project house
black screen windows project house 3
screen window from inside views

Installed Where?

TBA Queensland

Fabricator Comments

Allowed the homeowners to extend their living space – while still maintaining their privacy


The ScreenGuard stainless steel security mesh system is so versatile, that it can also be used to create a patio enclosure. This type of patio enclosure allows you to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor living space, while at the same time protecting home owners from intruders, insects an pests.
The high quality stainless steel security mesh in ScreenGuard, offers unobstructed views and visibility and protection against the element QLD fabricator Dalby Tile, Glass & Aluminium, have been fabricating and installing ScreenGuard Patio Enclosures for a number of years and this residential project has been one of the largest they ever undertaken. Installed on a country property on TBA, this patio enclosure was a perfect addition for a family home with expansive views and spectacular views of the country.