Residential Home in Sydney NSW

Customise the colour of your security door frame with a wide range of Dulux & Interpon powdercoat colours

The Project

Location: Residential Home in Sydney NSW
Darley System Used: ScreenGuard Security Door
Powdercoat Colour: Dulux Duratec Moonlight Satin
Hardware: Austral Elegance Push2Go with 3 point kit in black
Fabricator: Prestige Home Solutions

Who said you can’t match the colour of your security door with your front entrance door…

You can – with the ScreenGuard Stainless steel security system!

When installing a ScreenGuard Security door into your home, you are able to customise the colour of the aluminium frame to suit the style and aesthetic of your home.
The homeowners were looking for a security door that could match their brightly coloured wooden entrance door. In the end they chose the Dulux Duratec Moonlight Satin powdercoat finish for their ScreenGuard aluminium frame.

The Dulux Duratec powder coat range is made using high quality pigments and materials and is specifically formulated for use on architectural grade aluminium used in residential and commercial projects. Not only is the Duratec finish long lasting, but it is also backed by a 20-year warranty and formulated to meet Australian Standards.

For the locking system, they selected the Austral Elegance Push2Go three point kit in black. This popular Austral locking kit is compatible with our ScreenGuard security system and also compliant with Australian Standard AS5039.

Fabricated by licensed ScreenGuard fabricator: Prestige Home Solutions and powdercoated in Darley’s very own powdercoat facility in the NSW warehouse – the homeowners were pleased with the results and happy they could have everything done under one roof.

Darley Aluminium is an accredited applicator of the Dulux and Interpon powder coat finishes, undergoing annual audits and sample checks to ensure consistent and high-quality applications.

Powdercoat facilities are available at the Darley NSW and VIC branches – click here to find out more.

image presents powdercoating security doors
image presents powdercoating security doors
image presents powdercoating security doors
image presents powdercoating security doors