ScreenGuard window screens offer a solution to child fall prevention

Since 2013, there has been a requirement in the NCC (National Construction Code) for the prevention of falls from openable windows.
This requirement stipulates that all window openings 2 metres above the ground or more, must be fitted with a safety device that restricts the window opening more than 1250mm and resists an outward pressure of 250N.

image presents child fall prevention window security

According to these requirements, the window must be fitted with a guard or device that restricts opening beyond 12.5cm which may include restricted chain winders, buffer stops, restricted latches and locks. Fitted screens across openable windows in the form of security window screens are an acceptable form of protection. Security window screens made with 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh can be used as a solution for fall prevention.

The ScreenGuard security systems is made from 316 marine grade mesh and high quality T6 tempered aluminium frame. The unique rib design used in ScreenGuard means that when fabricated and installed according to AS5039-2008, it creates a string barrier making it resistant to the impact of a child falling out of a window.

ScreenGuard window screens are made-to-measure and can be customised to fit any window size or style. By installing a ScreenGuard window screen, you are not only protected against potential intruder attacks and accidental falls but also benefit from the increase in fresh air and ventilation – keeping your home & family cool in the warmer weather.